Boudewijn Dupont Nature Photographer

The most beautiful pictures can be purchased in our Fine-Art shop or in different galleries during Exhibitions. These unique Fine-Art photos are delivered on qualitative media in limited editions of 6 or 12 pieces worldwide with international exclusivity label and certificate of authenticity. 

Nature Photographer with a message

Humanity has always flourished thanks to nature. In order to evolve as a society we will continue to depend on natural resources. Due to our increasingly fast society, we should dare to take a step back and stand still with all this beauty that surrounds us and protect it. 

Boudewijn Dupont is a nature photographer and found his mission in life by supporting The Mental Attitude of Humanity. He is also committed to fight against Global Warming and Animal Extinction.  He expresses himself through his Fine-Art Nature Photography. 

 Boudewijn (outside Belgium & The Netherlands often nicknamed as Bob) likes to share his best Fine-Art images with the general public during national and international exhibitions and likes to support relevant charities


Visit our photo gallery to get an impression of those unique images that dominate our beautiful planet. Nature photographer Boudewijn Dupont is passionate about landscapes, animals and specials that our nature has to offer. He likes to share his best works with a worldwide audience.


 Are you looking for the most beautiful works of art with a unique character? You can find them all here in our Fine-Art webshop. View the new collections and discover the beauty of our nature! All works of art are offered exclusively in Limited Editions and come with a hologram and certificate of authenticity, signed by Nature photographer Boudewijn Dupont. 

Fine-Art portrait of a Pelican
Limited Edition Artwork Boudewijn Dupont Nature Photographer

Limited Editions

Each Fine-Art Photo and size is sold in limited editions of a maximum of 6 or 12 pieces worldwide. Always provided with a signed Certificate of Authenticity with hologram and unique matching number.

Product information

Our most beautiful images can be purchased on different material. Always supplemented with a certificate of authenticity and in limited editions worldwide. This way you always know that you have bought a unique piece of Fine-Art.

Fine-Art Photo Paper

We use the best quality of Hahnemühle high gloss BARYTA photo paper 320 g/m². The bright white paper has a particularly smooth and high-gloss surface. It is made from 100% α-Cellulose and comes with an improved coating formulation and guarantees a homogeneous surface and top printing quality. There are very few companies worldwide that can be proud of such a long company history like Hahnemühle’s. Founded back in 1584 as a paper mill, today Hahnemühle is the world leading fine-art paper specialist.

Framed with a Passe-partout

With a passe-partout photo frame, the best fine-art images stands out clearly and you can hang it directly on a wall. We use a Henzo Driftwood photo frame with a passe-partout in white. The Henzo Driftwood photo frame is a photo frame that is made in a rural style. The edge of this photo frame is 3cm in dark grey/black and is made of wood. The photo frame can be hung vertically or horizontally on the wall. The glass is extra clear because it has been specially washed and ground. As a specialist in Europe, Henzo has been supplying a wide range of luxury portrait frames since 1958.


 We supply these fine-art photos as standard in the following formats with a limited edition of 12 pieces per format: 

A2: Print 42 x 59,4cm – Frame 50 x 70cm 

A3+: Print 32,9 x 48,3cm – Frame 40 x 60cm 

A4: Print 21 x 29,7cm – Frame 30 x 40cm 

Dibond & Plexi with a Limited Edition of 6 pieces are also available in Large and Extra Large formats or special materials upon request

Special Requests

If you have special wishes, we can always tune our violins right away. Maybe you are interested in extra large formats or other materials such as Dibond, Plexi glass, Wood? In that case please contact us via this form. We will then be happy to provide you with a quote tailored to your needs with unique one-of-a-piece Limited Edition if possible.

Our customers

We enjoy working for anyone who shares our passion for preserving our fantastic nature. Our customers are people who appreciate beautiful fine-art images and who want to make an exclusive purchase with a certificate of authenticity and always in limited editions. Due to the various options in the type of the artwork as well as in the size of the fine-art image, we provide options for everyone's budget.

Fine-Art picture Lake of Geneva, Switzerland

People and companies with tailor-made needs or who want to photograph nature campaigns also belong to our target group and our clientele.


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About Nature Photographer Boudewijn Dupont


Boudewijn Dupont was born in Belgium in 1973 as the youngest in a family of seven sons. He was named after King Baudouin I of Belgium who was his Godfather. After his studies in Electronics and Management in the Social Sciences, he immediately became an entrepreneur with a passion for Photography, Technology and Marketing. During his studies he was also a member of the Belgium Photography Club and in his career he has seen the evolution from analog development in a darkroom to digital editing with Lightroom. 

Boudewijn has always been an Entrepreneur, but today he is evolved to an 'Artrepreneur' with a mission.  He has continued to grow personally and humanly and his ambition has only increased.  As a Photographer and Marketeer, he loves the positivity and the beauty that surrounds us. He is deeply committed to nature and its challenges and believes very strongly that the right Technology will help humanity overcome these challenges. 

Supported by his lovely wife Kim and his adorable children: Viktor, Charlotte and Marie-Julie, he fights against the disruption of our ecological balance.
Global warming and the extinction of important animal species are two gigantic spearheads in his search for beautiful images that can move people.
He likes to share his best fine-art images with the public during national and international exhibitions and likes to support relevant charities