Winter Wonderland Gallery

'The Pennine Alps' - Photo by Boudewijn Dupont
'High Mountain Winds' - Photo by Boudewijn Dupont
'Climb the difficult Mountain' - Photo by Boudewijn Dupont
'Holy Mountain Top' - Photo by Boudewijn Dupont
'Winter Cloud Hat' - Photo by Boudewijn Dupont
'Matterhorn with pink sky' - Photo by Boudewijn Dupont
'Approaching Avalanche' - Photo by Boudewijn Dupont
'Dronescape Valais Alps' - Photo by Boudewijn Dupont
'Dronescape Mountain Matterhorn Switserland' - Photo by Boudewijn Dupont

Icy sunset in the Mountains

Snowscape in Kappl, Austria

Snowscape in Kappl, Austria

Snowroof in the Alps in Italy

River in the Snow by Boudewijn Dupont Photography

"River in the snow". 
Enjoy a morning walk along the Trisanna river in Kappl, Austria. With in the background on this picture a part of the mountains from the Verwall group. This is a subgroup of the Central Alps, located in the Austrian states of Tyrol and Vorarlberg. The highest peaks in this group go above 3,000 meters.

Tree Line by Boudewijn Dupont Photography

'Tree Line'

Mountain Vorarl in Tyrol

Mountain Vorarl in Tyrol, Austria.

'Heavenly mountain view in Switzerland' by Boudewijn Dupont Photography

'Heavenly mountain view in Switzerland'

It all started with this photo for Nature photographer Boudewijn Dupont. Lake Geneva at sunset and fluttering birds in sight. Appropriately named 'Swinging Birds'.

'Half Frozen Lake' - Photo by Boudewijn Dupont

'Half Frozen Lake'

Virtual Gallery

You are invited to visit our virtual gallery in 3D. Here you will experience a unique online exhibition where you can view the winter wonderland landscapes of Nature photographer Boudewijn Dupont. 

Winter Wonderland Video

Winter landscapes from different locations. Admire the beauty of nature when a white 'layer' of snow is present. Always relaxing and restful in the mountains. We have made a nice video of it. Curious? Click on the picture below.

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