Nature Photography Workshops  


Personal workshops (maximum 2 guests per module) in nature photography. Language: Dutch or English.

We bring 3 modules (1/2 day - Full day - 1/2 day). Availability will be agreed upon jointly considering your and our agendas. Weekends are also possible. You can read more information about the modules below. 

Minimum requirements for camera equipment: camera with the option of setting shutter speed, aperture and ISO values ​​as well as a fitting tripod. 

Included: Certificate 'Photo Class Nature Photography by Boudewijn Dupont' is awarded at the end of the last module and also your own Nature Photo Print framed with passe-partout. 

Module 1: Philosophy, Technology & Basics – ½ day


Introduction. What is the purpose and philosophy of photography? The importance of light. Basic principles of light incidence. Know your device, shoot manually by the ideal combination of shutter speed – Aperture – ISO. Research & preparations before going into the field. 

You will learn all this in a private and comfortable meeting room in Boudewijn's Studio in Antwerp (Belgium), and 5 digital photos from your personal portfolio will also be constructively but critically discussed in function of sharpness, composition and lighting. 

 Price Module: € 150 incl. VAT 

Module 2: Field trip in the Ardennes to photograph together - 1 day.

 Boudewijn Dupont will expertly guide you and teach you how to best capture the flowing hillside rivers and bubbling streams in the forrest.

Because these are personal workshops, nature photographer Boudewijn Dupont can take plenty of time to help you process your photos and provide immediate feedback and constructive criticism during the workshop so that you can immediately apply what you have learned. 

Price module: € 275 incl. VAT 

Module 3: Editing in Lightroom and print/framing to Art product – ½ day


In Boudewijn's Studio in Antwerp (Belgium) you will learn how to post-process your nature and landscape images for fine art prints to hang in your living room or give as gifts to loved ones. 

You'll also learn the basics of Lightroom's developer module from top to bottom, including how to use graduated and radial filters. 

Also the basics of Photoshop are taught to be able to add special effects to your images. 

Finally, the most beautiful photo of your own will be professionally printed on A3+ and framed with a passe-partout. This is included in the price of this module. 

Price module: € 175 incl. VAT 

Total Cost: All modules together are invoiced at 600 euros incl. VAT. Payment terms: 50% upon registration and 50% upon completion of the modules. 
Separate modules are not available: everything is presented in its entirety to be able to tell the full story and of course also to take into account that all modules are connected to each other. 

Dates of the workshops can take place upon jointly availability of your and our agendas. Weekends are also possible.

Included: Certificate 'Photo Class Nature Photography by Boudewijn Dupont' is awarded at the end of the last module and also your own favorite Nature Photo Print framed with passe-partout will then be given.