'Under my wings you are safe'

 This stunning photograph captures a pelican in a moment of serene beauty, with its wings outstretched and a sense of calm emanating from its gaze. The bird floats in the water, its feathers ruffled by a gentle breeze. The photographer Boudewijn Dupont has captured the essence of the pelican's majesty and grace, creating a striking portrait that speaks to the natural beauty of these magnificent creatures. With the title "Under My Wings You Are Safe," the image conveys a sense of protection and safety, as if the pelican is offering shelter to those in need. Overall, this photograph is a stunning tribute to the beauty and power of the natural world.

This unique piece of art is distributed worldwide in a limited edition of 12 pieces. Always provided with a signed certificate of authenticity with a unique matching hologram.
You can choose your size and material via the button above, but maybe you are interested in extra large formats or other materials such as Dibond or Plexi glass? In that case please contact us via this form. We will then be happy to provide you with a quote tailored to your needs. 

'Under my wings you are safe'

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Product information

Our most beautiful Fine-Art works can be purchased on different material. Always supplemented with a certificate of authenticity and in limited editions worldwide. This way you always know that you have bought a unique piece of Fine-Art.

Fine-Art Photo Paper

We use the best quality of Hahnemühle high gloss BARYTA photo paper 320 g/m². The bright white paper has a particularly smooth and high-gloss surface. It is made from 100% α-Cellulose and comes with an improved coating formulation and guarantees a homogeneous surface and top printing quality. There are very few companies worldwide that can be proud of such a long company history like Hahnemühle’s. Founded back in 1584 as a paper mill, today Hahnemühle is the world leading Fine-Art paper specialist.

Framed with a Passe-partout

With a passe-partout photo frame, the Fine-Art photo stands out clearly and you can hang it directly on a wall. We use the best hanging systems for optimal ease of use.

 Our Fine-Art photos  

are framed by a specialized firm with gallery quality. We use a black wooden frame with a passe-partout in white.  The edge of the photo frame is 2.5 cm for A0 and A1 prints and 2 cm for A2, A3 and A4. The glass is 2mm. and extra clear because it has been specially washed and ground. 


 We supply these Fine-Art photos in the following formats with a limited edition of 12 pieces worldwide: 

A0: Print 119x84,1cm - Outer size frame 122,8x87,9cm 

A1: Print 84,1x59,4cm - Outer size frame 101,9x77,2cm 
A2: Print 59,4x42cm – Outer size frame 74,4x57cm 

A3+: Print 48,3x32,9cm – Outer size frame 61,3x45,9cm  

A4: Print 29,7x21cm – Outer size frame 40,7x32cm 

Plexi (glass): 120x80cm
Dibond (Alumium): 120x80cm
Other sizes are also available in Extra Large formats or special materials upon request via this form. 

Special Requests

If you have special wishes, we can always tune our violins right away. Maybe you are interested in purchasing a set or you wish a different color frame? Or maybe 

You want an extra large format or a personal photo shoot? In that case please contact us via this form. We will then be happy to provide you with a quote tailored to your needs.

Limited Editions

Each Fine-Art Photo and size is sold in Limited Editions of a maximum of 12 pieces worldwide. Always provided with a signed Certificate of Authenticity with hologram and unique matching number. 

What do our customers say?

"The level of detail in the print I received on Hahnemühle paper is astonishing. The colors are vivid, and the quality of the material complements the art beautifully. Receiving a limited edition piece with a certificate of authenticity made it even more special. It's clear that these are not just photographs; they are pieces of art." —Emma, Sweden

"I purchased a stunning landscape printed on Dibond from this collection, and it is the centerpiece of my living room. The way the colors play with the light changes throughout the day, making it a dynamic piece of art. I appreciate the exclusivity of owning one of only twelve prints." —Lucas, Belgium

"I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchase of an acrylic glass print. The image depth and the vibrant colors make it look almost life-like. The piece arrived with a hologram certificate, assuring its authenticity and exclusivity. It is definitely a conversation starter in our home." —Sophie, France

"I've been a collector of fine art photography for many years, and I must say, the quality of this print is unmatched. The frame and passe-partout add an elegant touch that enhances the overall presentation. Knowing I own one of such a limited run makes it even more valuable to me." —Alexander, Germany

"Buying a piece from this collection was an exceptional experience. From the selection process to the delivery, everything was seamless. The print quality on the Plexi is phenomenal, and the signed certificate of authenticity that accompanies it makes me proud to display it in my office." —Isabella, Italy

"The photograph I ordered was even more beautiful in person than on the website. The print on Dibond gives it a modern look while preserving all the subtle details of the original shot. It’s a unique piece that draws attention and admiration from anyone who sees it." —Miguel, Spain

"This was my first purchase of professional art photography, and I couldn't be happier. The customer service was excellent, helping me choose the right material and size for my space. The Hahnemühle paper gives a gallery-quality feel, and the limited edition aspect is truly special." —Eva, Netherlands