Unique Replica of the Belgica

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This is a one of a kind unique Replica of the Belgica.  

‘The Belgica’ was a barque-rigged steamship that was built in 1884 in Norway. She was purchased by Adrien de Gerlache for conversion to a research ship, taking part in the Belgian Antarctic Expedition of 1897–1901, becoming the first ship to overwinter in the Antarctic. Adrien de Gerlache was born in Hasselt, Belgium, the same city as Nature Photographer Boudewijn Dupont. The ship started the Belgian Antarctic Expedition in Antwerp, also the same city where Boudewijn Dupont is located today. This unique museum piece was bought in the MAS in Antwerp. 

'Fine-Art meets Antique'

We bring antique decoration to every exhibition. Under the heading 'Fine-Art meets Antique' these special pieces are also sold during the exhibitions and have a special emotional value with the exhibiting nature photographer Boudewijn Dupont.